Sunday, January 11, 2015


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The novel The Mistress of the House is a story of when a lady first moves into a new place, and how the mistress supervises everything. Its when she has her son and her love for her son and how she dances so much in excitement with him. Her Journey through all the people and experience in her love of dance and all that watch her dancing to Bollywood.

I am Vinita Singh, born in North India and raised in the U.S.A.  I have been writing one or two poems, since the last sixteen years.  I am a creative nonfiction short story and nonfiction poetry writer, working now on a nonfiction Novel.  Now I have a blog for Poetry at my website   including sixty poems, and the other url on including twenty three short stories. Writing has become my passion.  Give me a word and I have a poem. I write on the spur of the moment, and usually at 3:00 or 1:00  in the morning, when its completely quiet.  I write poems on emotions, love and also some on me, or even material things or Angels. My short stories include self help healing, some on India, and astrology.  I am a dreamer, as much as a practical person,  As I started writing my first poem in ninth grade, I got an A, then entered it in a poetry contest sixteen years back, then I started sharing my poems and short stories, through email to my family and friends, As each time, they encouraged me to write more by saying, I like it or its good. It evolved me to write more.  I am now married, with two beautiful children, A girl in third grade and a boy who is three years old.  I have started sharing my poems or short stories at my daughter’s school and teaching the children about how to write poetry.  My other passion is dancing,  I have done some workshops with Bollywood dancing, and  am now taking a classical North Indian style Dancing called Kathak.  Dancing is my other passion.  There are some poems I have written on dancing also.  I am a hardworking creative and enthusiastic person. My hobby is to eat out and try different restaurants,  or talk on the phone,  or read a book from Anton Chekov.  Even though I have grown up in the U.S.A, I am very cultural, and religious, I love Indian music, Indian dancing, and Indian clothes. Sometimes, to help me write or get an idea, I even watch the Indian sopapras, with my daughter, so she can learn hindi. I am bilingual, and fluent in English and Hindi, and also know some Sanskrit words.  I hope to be writing more about my Indian Culture and India in my stories. The daughter in law is my first short story I wrote seven years back which I have described my visit to India, and the sari I have worn, and more things on the culture.   I feel happy when I write, It is a wonderful way to express your feelings about love or emotions.                                                 Vinita Singh
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  1. I wish I could come up with poems easily. Vinita makes it all sound so easy! Congratulations to you!

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    Happy New Year to you

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